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You have come to the right tax law firm. Whether you owe money to the IRS, have unfiled tax returns, or you are small business owner with a payroll tax problem, Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli can answer your questions, including:

  • Can you settle my tax debt?
  • Will I go to jail if I have unfiled tax returns?
  • Can you stop an IRS wage garnishment or bank levy?
  • What can an experienced NY tax attorney do for me?
  • What are the steps to solving my tax problems?
  • How much will it cost to hire a tax attorney?
  • Can you reduce the penalties that I owe?
  • What if the tax debt was my spouse's fault?

Tax problems never go away on their own and only get worse with time. Tax attorney Charles Rosselli will educate you on your options. He represents clients throughout the State of New York. Call 516.620.5944 .



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Tax Problem Help Blog

24 May

IRS Offer in Compromise Tips to Settle Your Tax Debt

An IRS Offer in Compromise may be a great way for you settle your tax debt with the IRS and some states like New York also have Offer in Compromise (OIC) programs that will permit you to settle your state tax debt,  Can You Settle My Tax Debt With an Offer in Compromise? The bad […]

19 May

Answers to Your NYS Tax Warrant Questions

Perhaps you have received a NYS tax warrant in the mail or worse, have been “visited” by an agent of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Before you make the mistake of handling this difficult tax problem on your own, take the time the read this entire article on NYS tax warrants. […]

19 May

Unfiled Tax Returns – Delinquent Tax Tips from a NY IRS Tax Attorney

If you have unfiled tax returns, there are a number of questions probably running through your mind: Will I go to jail? Should I come forward voluntarily? Should I hire a tax attorney? What Happens if I have Unfiled Tax Returns? Perhaps you received several letters from the IRS and don’t know what to do […]

18 May

Tax Resolution Services FAQs About Solving Your Tax Debt

If you have a tax problem, you probably have many questions about  hiring a tax resolution services firm or a tax attorney to help you sort out your situation. Most of your questions require a fact specific analysis of your particular tax problems by an experienced tax attorney.However, on this page, we try to answer […]

12 Oct

Why Should You Care About IRS Collection Financial Standards?

The Internal Revenue Service has it’s own lingo. If you speak to the IRS yourself, you may hear the IRS agent use the term “collection financial standards.”  This is one of the many specific terms that you will need to know when negotiating with the IRS. As I tell many of potential clients, negotiating with […]

09 Oct

Consequences of NYS Back Sales Taxes
or Unpaid Payroll Taxes

If own a small business in New York that has unpaid payroll taxes or owes back sales tax, you can lose your license to operate your business in the State of New York. As a owner of a small business in the metro NYC area, there are many things you have to juggle to stay […]

07 Oct

What to do after You File an Offer in Compromise

If you have IRS tax debt you cannot pay, submitting an Offer in Compromise may be a viable option. However, there are several things you must do to make sure that you have the best chance of success. As you may be aware, an Offer in Compromise will allow you to settle your tax debt […]

05 Oct

Do You Need Tax Help?

The Tax Problem Law Center was founded by New York tax attorney Charles Rosselli. Our roots are in New York and helping New Yorkers solve their IRS as well as NYS tax problems Long Island NY tax attorney Charles Rosselli enjoys meeting his clients in person if possible and we feel that our clients from […]

21 Sep

Calling the IRS about a Tax Debt ? New York Tax Attorney Gives Advice

If you received an IRS tax debt collection notice, here are 4 things that will need to know before you call the IRS. As a New York tax attorney that routinely handles IRS problems, I can advise you to prepared for the following scenarios to take place when you call the phone number that is […]

11 Sep

What to Do If You Have Not Filed Taxes In Years

Many of our clients have been hiding from the IRS in years because they have not filed taxes for many years. They are running scared from the IRS an losing sleep over it. What should you do if you have delinquent tax returns? They are many reasons people have delinquent tax return problems. Perhaps their […]

09 Sep

How to Avoid Tax Problems If You are Self Employed

There is a simple  way to save yourself a trip to the tax attorney’s office if you are self employed. If you are self-employed, it is highly likely that no one is taking taxes out of your fees, commissions, or whatever method  you are getting paid. When the end of the year comes, you could have […]

07 Sep

Beware of Your October 15 Tax Extension

If you got an extension to October 15th to file your taxes, it does NOT mean that you received an extension to pay your taxes. This is a fairly common myth among taxpayers.  You must understand that the October 15th extension is just that.. an extension to file the necessary tax paperwork from the well know […]

31 Aug

What NOT to do if You Want an IRS Settlement

You just a received a letter from the IRS rejecting your  IRS settlement request, also known as an offer in compromise.  The letter outlines the reasons why the IRS rejected your offer. It might as well be in a different language. Every taxpayer I speak to wants a settlement with the IRS. I understand. IRS […]

24 Aug

What to do if You Have Defaulted
on Your IRS Payment Plan

You may have recently defaulted on your IRS payment plan (also known as an installment agreement) because you could no longer pay the large monthly payments. This is a common scenario of many of our clients with back tax debt. This is what usually happens… When you received your IRS collection notice or you were […]

18 Aug

Five Things You Need to Know BEFORE
filing an offer in compromise

Before you file an Offer in Compromise, here are five points you need to consider that you may NOT have thought of before: The majority of Offer in Compromises are REJECTED by the IRS. The IRS has very strict rules with respect to the filing requirements. Therefore, before you file an OIC, you should have […]

10 Aug

Should You Hire a Tax Relief Attorney?

You just received a collection notice from the IRS or State and you are wondering: Should you hire a tax relief attorney? Tax relief is the term that you may have heard advertised on the radio, internet, or  television by various tax resolution practitioners. It broadly describes strategies used by tax attorneys and accountants to solve […]

03 Aug

Offer in Compromise FAQs

If you owe a tax debt to the IRS and are unable to pay it, an Offer in Compromise may be the right solution for you. An Offer in Compromise is a contract between you and the IRS whereupon the Internal Revenue Service agrees to take a lesser amount than the tax debt owed. An […]

22 Jul

IRS Revenue Officer Help

You may have had a an IRS Revenue Officer show up either at your place of business or at your home. Your day has become a bad day. Why didn’t the IRS call first? Why did he show up at my business? This page explains some of the questions that you will likely have if […]

06 Jul

What You May Not Know About Some Tax Debt Relief Companies

You may have a tax debt issue and are looking for information on a tax debt relief company to help you. You may have heard an advertisement on the radio or clicked on a link on Google ads about reducing your tax debt liability. It may sound something like this… “We’ve helped thousands of people […]

29 Jun

Tax Debt Settlement Help

One of the most frequent questions that I receive as a tax attorney from taxpayers throughout New York is “Can You Settle My Tax Debt ?” I understand. There are dozens of ads all over the internet by tax resolution companies claiming that your tax debt can easily be settled for “pennies on the dollar” It’s a […]

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