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"Before You Speak to the IRS OR Hire Some Tax Resolution Firm Making False Promises, Download My Free Tax Problem Help Book  So You Do Not Make A Serious Mistake Handling Your Tax Problems"  Charles Rosselli, NY Tax Attorney



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Find Out What Everyone Should Know Before Talking to the IRS or the State,  Hiring a Tax Professional, or Signing Any Forms

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9 Reasons to Work with the Tax Attorneys of the Tax Problem Law Center:

Free Phone Consultation with a NY Tax Attorney


When you call the Tax Problem Law Center, you will speak to New York tax attorney Charles Rosselli about your tax matter. You will receive an  evaluation of your tax problem by an experienced Long Island tax attorney, who focuses 100% of his practice on solving tax problems, like yours.


Compare to most tax resolution services firms:  

You will speak to a  "tax consultant." A tax consultant is a commissioned salesperson, without either a law license or C.P.A. license, that earns 20%-30% of the fee that you pay the tax firm. 

When you are up against the IRS or the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, you need objective advice from a tax lawyer and not "sales hype."


No Surprise, Affordable Flat Fees 


You will know exactly what it will cost to solve your tax problem as the Tax Problem Law Center does not bill by the hour.  We charge flat fees, agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises as to fees.

Our fees are affordable and we offer interest free payment plans so we can begin working on your tax problem right away. Further, after speaking to you on the phone, we will give you a fee estimate. 

Compare to most Tax Lawyers & C.P.As: 

When you call most New York tax lawyers or C.P.A.s, you will likely be charged for the initial consultation. You will also then be required to sign a retainer agreement, against which they will bill you a high hourly rate. You will be billed for every minute that they spend on your tax case. 

At the Tax Problem Law Center, we will deal all the phone calls; all the notices;and all the complexities of the case for one fee. 


Pesonalized Attention from a local IRS Tax Attorney


We are not a national chain of "tax resolution" offices or some high volume tax outfit from Colorado, Florida, or California. We are a local Long Island tax law firm that prides itself on personalized attention to each tax matter and long term relationships with each one of our  clients. Your tax problem will be personally handled by IRS tax attorney Charles Rosselli. 


Long Island tax lawyer Charles Rosselli is admitted to United States Tax Court and has been admitted to practice law in the State of New York since 1995. He will work with you every step of the way. If you live in Nassau County, Suffolk County or NYC, you can make an appointment with Charles Rosselli, Esq. and he will be glad to meet you, "face to face."


If you cannot make to the office,  we are a technology driven firm and many of our clients throughout New York State handle their entire tax matter  by phone, fax, and email. 



 Solving Tax Problems is All We Do


Solving tax problems is all we do, day in and day out. By focusing our practice, we are able to give you the best possible representation and that ensures you the best possible outcome.

There are many New York tax attorneys and accountants that will "handle" your tax problem. They deal with tax problems "once and a while" along with other areas of tax law.  

When you are up against the Internal Revenue Service or NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, do not  hire a professional who just dabbles in tax problems.


Help with Unfiled Tax Returns


Many of our clients come to us with  many years of delinquent tax returns and do not know what to do. We will help you file all the necessary tax returns and protect you from possibe criminal prosectuion from the IRS throughout the entire process. 

We can save you thousands of dollars by properly preparing your past due tax returns.  We can lower your tax debt and settle your back taxes.  Learn more about how the Tax Problem Law Center can help you with your unfiled tax returns.


Protection from the IRS & New York State


You will not speak to the IRS or the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance  as the Tax Problem Law Center will take all communication with the Internal Revenue Service and/or state taxing authority. We will guide you and put an end to your tax problems, once and for all. 



IRS Tax Relief


If you have received an IRS collection notice, you are under the imminent threat of collection from the most powerful collection agency in the United States, the Internal Revenue Service. You may be under the threat of an IRS wage garnishment, federal tax lien, or bank levy.

The Tax Problem Law Center will help stop an IRS bank levy or  wage garnishment and provide you with IRS tax relief.



Save You Money 


Your IRS tax problem continues to get larger every day you do not deal with it. We will evaluate your tax debt settlement options including: Offer in Compromise, Payment Plan, and Penalty Abatement.



Peace of Mind


We help you put your IRS problem behind you, once and for all. Whether you are facing an IRS tax debt problem, tax audit, or New York State tax problem, we can help you.

Perhaps you have procrastinated and your tax problems have gotten worse. Your IRS problems will only get worse with time. Protect yourself & your family today.


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The Tax Problem Law Center is 100% focused on helping indivduals and businesses solve their IRS and New York State tax problems, once and for all. Long Island NY tax attorney Charles Rosselli created a unique practice that does not bill you by the hour and gives you affordable access to a local New York tax lawyer to solve your tax problems. Learn More About How We Can Help You