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                     Experienced Long  Island Tax Attorney Charles Rosselli  Will Protect You & Solve Your Tax Problems  -- Don't Make the Mistake of Hiring a Tax Resolution Services Company

How We Can Help You

​Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli can protect your interests and help solve your tax problems under the best possible terms.​

To get the best possible results, you need knowledge of the tax laws  and an advocate. You require an experienced tax attorney. 

Without proper representation, you will easily get taken advantage of by the IRS or the State. The IRS or the State will not protect your interests.

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli focuses 100% of his tax law practice on solving IRS and New York State tax problems, like yours. He has represented clients throughout the State of New York and nationwide.

Don't be a victim of tax resolution services making false promises or someone who doesn't focus 100% of his practice on tax problems.​

Your tax problems deserve the attention of one the most experienced and trustworthy tax attorneys in the Long Island and metro NYC area.​ 

Learn How Can Help You Solve Your Tax Problems 

Why Work with Tax Attorney Charles Rosselli

  • You will be given all your options for settling your tax liability under the best possible terms.

  • You will have a free, no obligation 20 minute office consultation with tax attorney Charles Rosseli to discuss your tax problems.

  • We charge flat fees, agreed to in advance, so there are no surprises as to fees. We do not bill by the hour, like many Long Island tax attorneys and accountants. 

  • You will receive personalized attention from an experienced Long Island tax attorney. You will not be dealing with a salesman or customer services representative at one of those high volume, "tax resolution services firms."

  • You will have flexible payment options so that you can have an experienced Long Island tax attorney represent your interests and not come up with a large retainer, like many Long Island tax attorneys and accounting firms charge.

  • You will be protected by an experienced tax attorney that focuses 100 percent of his practice on solving tax problems, like yours.

    How is Tax Attorney Charles Rosselli Different from  Tax Resolution Services Firms Advertising All over the Internet and Radio 

    If you are looking on the internet for help with a tax debt problem, there is no shortage of so-called tax resolution services firms promising to settle your tax debt. Unfortunately, most of these tax resolution services companies will take advantage of your desperation.

    On the front lines of these tax resolution services firms are so-called "tax consultants." Tax consultants are just salespersons in disguise.

    Salespersons (tax consultants) at these tax resolution firms will tell you what you want to hear to make the sale (and the large commission based upon what they sell you). If you want to learn more how these tax resolution firms operate, click here.

    The reason I know this is that many of our clients throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens, NY have had the misfortune of spending thousands of dollars using one of these tax resolution services firms, only to be left in a worse off situation. 

    Our Promise to Our Clients

    We will NOT promise you something that is not possible.

    We DO promise you that we will resolve your tax problems, under the best possible terms.​

    WARNING: There is no way that a tax resolution services firm can tell you over the phone that your tax debt can be lowered by interviewing you over the phone. They know that's what you want to hear. Simply reviewing your income, expenses, and tax debt over the phone, just ensures the salesman that you can pay his or her commission.

    ​Our goal is to help you resolve your tax problems for good.

    And once we've solved your tax problems under the best possible terms for you, we can continue to help you stay on track and remain compliant with the taxing authorities so you'll never face tax problems again.​

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Quickly Can You Solve My Tax Problems

    Upon retaining Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli of the Tax Problem Law Center to resolve your tax issue, some of the relief will be immediate and some will be over time. It is important to keep in mind that tax problems didn’t come about overnight and will take time to resolve.

    Tax problems can take anywhere from 2 months to 12 months ( and longer) depending on the complexity of the tax problem and, your individual facts and circumstances.

    What Are Your Fees ​

    We offer a free 20 minute office consultation to determine whether we can be of help. Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli will outline the steps that he needs to undertake to solve your tax problems. He will also advise you of the flat fees after reviewing your tax problem with you.

    How Will You Solve My Tax Problem 

    We will develop a phased strategy for resolving your case and advise you on what steps will need to be taken for the most appropriate and most effective resolution of your tax matter.

    Solving a tax problem involves applying the tax law to the specifics of your situation. Typically, Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli will be required to research your account and typically speak to the IRS or State on your behalf in order to advise you accordingly.​

    Generally, before any negotiation/settlement is accepted by the taxing authority, there must be compliance.

    Compliance means that all past due delinquent tax returns are prepared and filed.

    Compliance may or may not be an issue for you.

    If it is, we will assist you with this process and coordinate the accounting work with the deadlines of the taxing authorities.

    Also, we will review your financials, the expiration of your tax debt, and other factors to advise you as to the best possible option to settle your tax debt under the best possible terms allowable under the law.​

    Can You Settle My Tax Debt 

    Long Island tax attorney Charles Rosselli will propose a plan of resolution to the taxing authorities based upon the tax law and the specifics of your situation.

    It is our goal to protect you throughout the process and obtain the best (lowest) possible settlement under the law. We have an excellent track record. However, this requires persistence and time and every tax problem case is different.

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