About Tax Lawyer Charles Rosselli &
the Tax Problem Law Center

As a tax lawyer, it is my goal to protect you;  minimize the amount of taxes that you owe to the taxing authorities; and relieve the stress of dealing with the IRS or the State.

The exclusive focus of my tax law firm, the Tax Problem Law Center, is cost effectively solving your IRS and State tax problems.

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When you are dealing with something as serious as a tax problem, you need a tax lawyer. Why?

​To effectively deal with the taxing authorities,  you need an experienced tax lawyer to be your advocate and protect you.

We are experienced tax lawyers that can protect you and make a difference in the outcome of your IRS and NYS tax problems.

Don't make the mistake of hiring a so-called "tax resolution services company" or "tax consultant." You'll likely be left in a worse position than you are now.

Why Work With Us ? 

No Hourly Billing - Just Flat Fees

You will benefit from the expertise and advocacy of a experienced tax attorney, yet NOT have the high hourly billing rates and retainer of many tax law firms and accounting firms.

We do not bill by the hour and we do not require larger retainers. 

There are NO surprises as to fees.​

Our reasonable fees and  payment plans allow you to get the immediate protection that you need from the taxing authorities from an experienced tax attorney.

A Proven Track Record Of Success

It is our mission to protect you; advocate for you; and solve your tax problems under the best possible terms.  Solving tax problems, like yours, is all we do.

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We will work hard to solve your tax problems and give your straightforward advice.

Positive Reviews from our Clients

Many of our clients have taken the time to review our tax law firm and we appreciate our client's feedback.

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It our mission to ​make you a satisfied client of our tax law firm and put your tax problems behind you, once and for all.

Personal Attention from a Tax Lawyer

Experienced Long Island tax lawyer Charles Rosselli will personally handle your tax problem. You will not be a number in a "tax resolution" mill. 

Your tax problem deserves the attention of one of the most experienced and trustworthy tax attorneys in the Long Island and NYC area.​

Tax attorney Charles Rosselli is the founder of the Tax Problem Law Center. He is admitted to the United States Tax Court and has been licensed to practice law in the State of New York since 1995. 

He is the author of the Tax Problem Help Guide as as well as numerous articles on resolving IRS as well as  state tax problems. He has represented numerous clients throughout Long Island, the State of New York, as well as nationwide with serious tax problems.

He offers a free, no obligation  20 minute office consultation to learn about your tax problem; determine if we are a good fit; and outline a plan of action.​

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